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Who we are...

Stand Out Studio is a commercial imaging company offering extensive photography services from our space in Gloucestershire.


Eye catching images are imperative when it comes to promoting your company in magazines, promotional material or on your website. The last thing customers want to see is a selection of stock images with little or no identity. The best way of achieving engagement is to show relevant and unique photography.

Alongside our content creation services we also offer photographic consultancy for those looking to improve their website or social media streams. Our work in this field covers both the narrative, design and image flow of exisitng content as well as technical training for marketing and social media teams looking to improve their photography skills.


What we do



We specialize in creating bespoke images for businesses across the country. Eye catching images are imperative when it comes to promoting your company in magazines, promotional material or on your website.



It’s one thing having great images to promote your brand but if they are used poorly it can be detrimental to your company narrative. Stand Out Studio offers bespoke image consultancy services in areas such as website design and image flow.



As well as high quality photography, Stand Out Studio offers a range of image editing solutions to clients who need to refine their existing visual content. From preparation for e-commerce to retouching for fashion editorials.


What our clients are saying about us...

Natasha - Facebook

"Fantastic facilities! Extremely professional and efficient. Carl gave brilliant creative and artistic direction was much appreciated. The resulting images have blown me away!"

Justin - Google

"Carl was friendly, and professional. It was a pleasure working with him. He really knows how to get the best out of you. It was vital that my photos were spot on as they will play a big part in my marketing. Really good photos give you the ability to market your product with confidence. I have far more usable pictures than I thought and Carl's experience in journalism led him to make suggestions for extra shots which will add variety and interest to my articles."

James - Google

"Carl came to our offices to do some head shots and commercial photography. It was enjoyed, relaxed and not at all forced. The final images are perfect and were exactly what we had in mind. The turnaround time was really quick too!"

Zel - Google

"Carl is a brilliant photographer with a great eye for unique shots. He took some excellent photographs at my workplace. He is very professional and has a fresh contemporary style."

Commercial Photography FAQs

To receive a free quote simply get in touch using the forms on this website or send an email to Stand Out Studio photographer Carl Hewlett -

Carl is a huge coffee fan so if you're not to far away and you'd like to meet in person, he can visit you to discuss any ideas you have in mind. He might even bring biscuits!

In the world of commercial photography, no two photo shoots are the same and all of our clients have differing needs, therefore every quote given is bespoke. Most quotes are made up of a fee for either a full-day or half-day and an ad-hoc hourly rate is available for smaller, less time consuming jobs. In most cases, editing and delivery are included. If complex post-production is required, this will be quoted for ahead of the shoot on an hourly basis. Product photography services are priced on a per product basis. All quoted prices are subject to VAT. 

This can vary depending on the amount of post production work needed. We aim to deliver most images within 48 hours of the shoot. Advertising and product photography often requires more editing time and may take up to a week depending on the workload. For time sensitive PR photography, a faster turnaround time can be discussed and we can submit directly to regional/national press on request. 

Stand Out Studio is a purpose built 500 sq ft photographic studio that is situated at Fromehall Mill in Stroud, Gloucestershire. The building is a former water powered textile mill so there are numerous locations nearby including a canal, woodland, and industrial areas which are often used as locations should your shoot require non-studio backgrounds.

Studio facilities include:
 - 500 sq ft acoustically isolated floating floor studio
 - Three sided green-screen cyclorama with curved corners
 - 2.72m photography backgrounds with numerous colours available 
 - Extensive flash, LED and fluorescent lighting systems

The studio is accessible by car from the A419 Cainscross Road or by foot along the Stoudwater Navigation towpath. Stroud (five mins by car) is served by public bus transport services operated by Stagecoach and National Express. The town is also connected by Great Western Railway trains from Stroud station, with frequent, direct services to and from Gloucester, Cheltenham, Swindon, Reading and London Paddington.

Marked visitor parking spaces are located directly outside Fromehall Mill. Due to the age of the building there is no disabled access to the studio which is located on the second floor, however we often shoot on location and all of our equipment is fully portable should you need us to come to you. For those who need to bring a large quantity or heavy items to the studio, there is a goods lift on hand.

On average most shoots take place at Stand Out Studio's physical location in Stroud, just 15 minutes from J13 of the M5. Many of our clients are based in the south west in areas such as Gloucestershire and Bristol however we often travel to a client's premises and shoot in locations across the UK. Travel to areas further afield than those within a 25-mile radius of GL5 3EH may be subject to additional costs but will be discussed during the initial quote.

Stand Out Studio photographer Carl Hewlett holds a current Enhanced Certificate from the Disclosure & Barring Service. Although self employed persons are unable to apply for a DBS on their own behalf, Carl works with a local education provider who perfomed the neccessary checks through Gloucestershire County Council.

The Photographer

Carl Hewlett is a professional photographer based in Gloucestershire in the south west of England and is the director of Stand Out Studio Ltd. Having studied photography at City of Westminster College and at the University of Westminster, he has a wide technical understanding of the medium. He began his photographic career by volunteering his spare time for local events, music and commissioned portraiture.

These experiences along with a young, yet vibrant portfolio enabled Carl to secure his first professional role as a staff photographer with Newsquest Media at the Stroud News & Journal in September 2010. He spent three years with the SNJ covering an array of different news stories, events and sporting fixtures. In August 2013 Carl made the move to TWM, a well established photographic agency where he honed his skills covering events, PR, news stories and premiership rugby on an international scale.

In the summer of 2017 Carl set up Stand Out Studio Ltd in Gloucestershire to use his whole gamut of skills in a new way. Stand Out Studio offers high quality photographic services to commercial clients across the country in areas such as editorial, fashion, product, e-commerce, portraiture and PR.

Carl Hewlett

Director & Photographer

Who we've been working with

We'd like to think that images by Stand Out Studio speak for themselves - but don't just take our word for it, here are just some of the companies we've been working with recently...

Get in touch

To learn more about our photographic services or to arrange a shoot, please send a message using the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Copyright & Licensing FAQs

Copyright is a right of authorship and a property right. It's also a Human Right under Article 27(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is an incentive for creativity and creates a balance between users and creators and between the public interest and freedom of access. It's what's called a monopolistic right as it's exclusive to the owner. It's a form of intellectual property (also known as 'IP') and it allows creators to make a living from what they produce. Authors of original works own the copyright in their work and this is enshrined in law – in the UK, it is wrapped up in a piece of legislation titled the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (or 'CDPA 88' for short). More information on copyright ownership can be found at

The photographer (as the author of the image) owns the copyright in their photographs. In the same way that musicians control who can reproduce their music, photographers control who can reproduce their images.

Shops, hairdressers and pubs etc all need licences to play music - photographers issue licences to enable people to reproduce their images. This is why it is important that you discuss your commission and fully brief your photographer (or their agent), including details about where and how you would like to use the images.

By default all commercial shoots executed by Stand Out Studio include an Exclusive License. The license is sent in full with your quote and the Terms and Conditions of Business contract which you digitally sign to confirm a booking.

The use of these images will be exclusive to you, unless agreed otherwise. This means that Stand Out Studio will not be able to allow any third-party to use the images you are using during the time they are licensed for your use, and possibly beyond, depending on what has been agreed. Note that Stand Out Studio Ltd will still be able to use the photograph(s) for their own publicity, promotion and marketing (such as on their own commercial website(s)).

If you only commission or buy photography services occassionally, you may be unfamiliar with some of the language and terminology used. Here is glossary of terms you are likely to come across in the buying or commissioning process:

Copyright assignment
Copyright is a form of intellectual property (or 'IP') and is a right of ownership vested automatically in the creator of a piece of creative work, for example, in these FAQs, the photographer. Photographers do not usually assign or transfer their copyright to their clients or if they do, it is by way of a fee and a written agreement that confirms the transfer and new ownership of the IP. Clients (buyers and commissioners) do not need to take copyright off the photographer in order to use the photographs - that can be done more than adequately through a Licence to Use which covers the client's needs. Stand Out Studio Ltd does not assign copyright and we do not advocate seeking copyright assignments from any other photographers you commission.

In the context of buying or commissioning photography, this means that only you, as the client, will be using the photograph(s) - Stand Out Studio will not be able to do anything further with them until the usage rights granted to you have expired. Note that Stand Out Studio Ltd will be able to use the photograph(s) for their own publicity, promotion and marketing (such as on their own commercial website(s)).

Licence to Use
This is a document or a set of terms that describe the 'usage' or 'usage rights' that you have been granted. By default all commercial shoots executed by Stand Out Studio include an Exclusive License as detailed above. The license is sent in full with your quote and the Terms and Conditions of Business contract which you digitally sign to confirm a booking.

Moral rights
These are a less well-known group of rights conferred on creators of original work and part of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. There are four rights that might be of interest to you as a client. These are:

The right to be identified as the author of the work
Sometimes known as the 'attribution right' (or less commonly, the 'paternity right'), this means that as long as the photographer has requested this in writing, a credit must be given next to the photograph(s). There are exceptions to this though, such as when the photograph(s) is/are used for the purpose of reporting current events, or is/are published in a newspaper, magazine or similar periodical or collective reference work, such as an encyclopedia. Industry practice tends to mean that the opposite is the reality, with credits being given to photojournalists, but not to photographers shooting for advertising.

The right to object to derogatory treatment of the work
Sometimes known as the 'integrity right', this means that a photographer has the right to object to visual treatment of their work that reflects poorly on them. The same exceptions listed above apply here but the photographer does not have to 'assert' this right in writing, unlike above.

The right not to have work falsely attributed to someone as its creator
Known as the 'false attribution right', this right applies to anyone who has found their name attached to someone else's photograph(s). There are no exceptions to this right, unlike above.

The right of the commissioner to prevent publication
This is not a creator's right, but the client's. In certain circumstances, namely social and domestic work, or private commissions (such as weddings, for example), the person who commissions the photographer can ask for the resulting photograph(s) not to be published anywhere. This sometimes catches wedding photographers out, if they fail to discuss this with their client and subsequently publish the photographs online without having secured permission to do so.

Just as if you buy a copy of a book, a song, computer software or a DVD of a film, making that purchase doesn’t give you the right to make copies of it, or broadcast it to the public. That right remains with the copyright owner. It is exactly the same with photographs.

There is a difference between the medium (eg transparency/ negative/digital file) and the content (the image) but one is of no use without the other. If you were to claim ownership of the medium, this doesn’t mean you automatically own its content. The image in the file or transparency is the intellectual property of the photographer and without a licence to use, it would be illegal to reproduce it.

Raw files are never usually supplied by the photographer as the photographer was chosen for their skill and vision and the post-production/output work is part of that skill. You will be supplied with images that are of the best quality for the intended uses and ready to go.

Assuming the images are to be exclusive to you, by law, the photographer cannot licence them to another client whilst you have an exclusive licence to use them. Note though that the photographer may use them for their own self-promotion, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

When a client insists on unlimited use of the images they have commissioned, this can be both an unnecessary and costly affair.

An unlimited licence includes every possible media use including billboards, videos, TV, CDs, t-shirts etc., for worldwide use for the term of copyright duration (70 years after the death of the photographer).

This type of unrestricted licence is unnecessary, it is highly unlikely that the vast extent of uses it includes would ever be taken up. If professional models are needed for the shoot, their fees will also reflect this unlimited use of the images. The price for this type of licence would be enormous and you would be paying for use you do not need.

A calculator has been produced to show the standard trade practice of calculating uses needed over and above the original licence:


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